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Where is Singer Suchitra? Is She Missing

The last couple of weeks the public interest was hogged by Suchithra Karthick the popular singer who has not been on the public radar for a few years now.

Recently there was the sensation that happened on her twitter about all certain celebrities. Now her social media account being hacked and disgusting pictures and videos of Kollywood stars released from it which distressed the industry.

Even though Suchithra’s husband actor Karthik Kumar had hinted about her illness, reports from a number of quarters have been proposing that she is experiencing severe depression and also the aggressive addiction. Almost for a week or so, there has been no news about Suchi and while the media persons tried in reaching her however they were unable to reach her.

Even his husband Karthick Kumar seems like he doesn’t have any idea about her whereabouts and this has produced rumours in some circles that might be Suchi has gone absconding. Certain have even gone to the level of proposing that she might have been kidnapped for the reason that of her last tweets.

The adverse rumours around this episode would come to an end only if Suchi herself appears on air and make clear everything. Hope Suchi is safe.