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2.0 Rap song Lyrics:

2.0 has a rap song sung by Blazee , it is released with the teaser. Here is the lyrics for the rap song sung by Blazee. 

2.0 Rap song Lyrics:

U got this I got this, u got this, ur not it, may

b u should watch this, can’t stop it coz I’m

the one…

Gotta Go are you ready take a shot i’m the

only one …there is no comparison coz i’m

supersuper One

I’m now to get you let you wreck yourself as

You come in now .Two Thousand Fighters

By my side I’m about to shoot them down

Bow down like no man, I have bowed like

give no damn, I stand tall u’all cant stand, I

care about like no man!!


Watch the rap song in the teaser below