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2 Point 0 achieves what Sarkar missed

All superstar fans are waiting for 29th November, to watch the long awaited movie 2 Point 0 hit the screen. But this time fans will have one more thing to be celebrating. 2 Point 0 seems to have got permission for the early mornings shows.

In Trichy it has already got permission for the early morning 5 AM shows, it is told that the team will be successful enough to get permission all over Tamil nadu soon. The previous movie which had promised an early morning show was Sarkar, but for some legal issues the movie couldn’t complete the task.

Sarkar movie is still not in the success zone yet, if it had got the complete early morning shows it would have been beneficial and added to the box office. Hope the early morning show work in advantage for 2 Point 0, let’s wait and watch.