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2 Point O and Viswasam release on the same day?

At kollywood.net we have been reporting news on both 2pointo and Viswasam. The most recent update was that 2pointo is slated to release on the 29th November 2018. Viswasam was said to be released for Pongal. Both the release dates remains the same.

There is an interesting update on Viswasam from reliable source, that the team is planning to release the teaser on the same day as 2pointo. There is a possibility of Viswasam teaser to be screened during the interval block of 2pointo. Both Viswasam teaser and 2pointo movie will be released the next Thursday i.e. 29th November 2018. By 12.01 AM to 05.00 AM Viswasam teaser will be out on youtube.

This definitely will be a great treat to both Rajinikanth and Thala fans. 2pointo has the most updated and recent 4D Audio technology which will definitely be a plus for the movie. There are lot of fans who are continuously following 2pointo, ‘Chitti’ is no more a robot but has turned out to be a super hero. From the reviews we have now, the movie is astonishing in all aspects.