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20 years of Vijays Blind love!!!

We are taking about the epic love story by Vijay ‘Thullatha Manamum Thullum’, it is 20 years that the movie was released. Fans are celebrating this under #20YearsOfEvergreenSuperhitTMT on twitter. TMT was a beautiful movie and well penned movie. Vijay was seen playing very down to earth boy who falls in love and gives his heart and soul to it.

Both Vijay and Simran’s performance was very well acclaimed and Simran got the State award for best actress back in 1999. Though we have seen Vijay and Simran in lot of other movies this movie stays in mind when we talk about this duo. The movie was directed by Ezhil and this was his debut movie which broke records back then. It is said that Ezhil got inspired by Charlie chaplin’s ‘City Lights’ movie and composed the story for TMT.

There are lot of things that needs a special mention in this movie one among them is the Music, the songs are still fresh in our minds. S A Rajakumar has composed the music for this movie. All the songs were chart busters; even now songs from this movie are love birds favourite. Earlier the movie was titled ‘Rukmanikaga’ but as lengthy title was trending them it was changed to Thullatha Manamum Thullum, come what may this movie will remain in the list of best romantic movies in Tamil cinema. Kollywood.net is with fans in celebrating 20 years of TMT (#20YearsOfEvergreenSuperhitTMT).