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25 days of Rajinified

We all remember this year the start for Kollywood was huge, as two biggies where locking horns. One was Viswasam and other one was Petta by SuperstarThere was huge conflict and arguments which took place in the media and social media as which one will emerge as a winner. Putting all the odds aside both the movies have came out to be successful. Petta is running successful in almost 200 theatres in Tamil nadu.

How could anybody even think that a superstar movie will not be successful, even after watching the teaser??? No way that this movie wouldn’t have worked the way it has. Petta is a real pongal treat for all who wanted to watch a proper Rajini movie. The way Superstar has been handled in the movie by Karthik Subbaraj is outstanding. This can be done only by a die hard fan and that he is. Not only the director but almost everybody in the start cast including Bobby simha, Vijay sethupathi, Nawazuddin, Simran, Sasikumar, Trisha are fans of superstar. So the team knew how fans liked Superstar and did exactly that.

Karthik subbaraj participated in the 25th day celebration in perambur, Chennai. And he mentioned that the one and only thalaivar will be Superstar and nobody can take his place. He also thanked Sun pictures. Petta turned out really successful and reason for it is because everybody got to see the vintage superstar which is loved by all till date. Kollywood.net is joining hands with millions of fans who are celebrating 25 days of Rajinified… Petta Parak!!!!