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2Point0 Biggest release ever in UAE!!!

2Point0 is releasing on 29th November 2018 not only in India but all over the world. The screens are already booked. There is a huge fan base for Superstar from a lot of different countries. There was video which was trending recently over youtube, fans from different countries reviewing 2Point0. There were reviews stating that the movie is great and excels even better than Hollywood movies like Transformers. One of the countries which has one such huge fan base is the UAE. Voxcinemas is screening the movie in UAE

Here is the list of the shows of 2Point0 :

Day 1 – 103 shows
Day2 – 98 shows
Day3 – 101 shows
Day4 – 100 shows

And this the biggest release happening in UAE ever for a Superstar’s movie.