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2point0 Daily box office report: Updated Day 3

2point0 is making history in all the regions it released. It did not break the Baahubali 2 records though the WOM is excellent. We will watch for the next few days.

All numbers equated to gross amount for easy calculation.

Please note: share < nett (share+25% nearly) < gross (nett+20% nearly)

Day 3:

Worldwide gross -98 crores

India gross – 68 C

Overseas Gross – 30 C

total day 3 WW gross = 120+89+98= 307 crores nearly.

Day 2:

Worldwide gross -89 crores

India gross – 64 C

TN – 18 C gross

Hindi version in North India – 18.5 nett (22 C gross)

AP – 8 C share (14 C gross)

other areas – 10 C (includes Kerala, Karnataka, Hindi versions in South India etc)

Overseas gross – 25 C

total day 2 WW gross = 209 crores nearly.

Day 1:

Worldwide gross -120 crores

India gross – 80 C

Overseas gross – 40 C

Movie has surely made over this amount but this is just a nearby number with all the data collected across sources and trustable trackers.

Official numbers from Lyca to be out soon. We will update daily numbers upto 7 or 10 days as much possible. Please watch out this post daily.