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2point0 day one worldwide gross collection prediction:

2point0 day one worldwide gross collection prediction:

Expected theaters in India:  7000-7500. Hindi around 5000, Tamil and Telugu around 2500

Expected theaters Overseas: 1500-2000

Expected day 1 shows: 9500 screens * 5 shows =47500 nearly

Considering the fact movie has shorter run time (around 2:15) and it will be more than 5 shows in majority theaters on day 1 easily

So average 50000 shows on day 1 worldwide conservatively. 

Average seat count per show =250 (conservatively) . There are lot of theaters in Tamilnadu, north India , AP with 800-900 seats even 1000 seats, but considering high volume there will be lot of small screens with 200-250 seats

Total viewers on day 1 on average 50000*250 = 1,25,00,000

Average ticket price 200 (very conservative number). You will never be able to get ticket for 200 on the first day of 2point0 it will be 3 digit easily and in overseas like US it will be 20$ = 1400 rupees per ticket, even in a remote village its easily 200 on day 1.

Total worldwide gross on day 1
1,25,00,000 * 200 rupees (converted into INR) = 250,00,00,000 or 250 crores worldwide day 1 gross.

This is a conservative number and we predict it will surpass 250 crores on day 1 as the chances are bright with the very well received trailer. But with estimates there will be plus or minus 10%

article created 9-11-18 9pm
article updated: 9-11-18 9pm