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2point0 enter Top 10 in the big budget movies list

2.0 also known as 2point0 movie officially enters as 1st Indian movie now in World’s top 10 position in highest non-Hollywood budget movies of all time and reaches 7th place in Asia’s costliest movie ever made.


It is the first Indian film to enter Top 10 in the big budget movies list. This budget is  more than 500 crores.

As per latest source the teaser which is supposed to release on September 13 (in 2 days) will be released in over 4000 screens within India in 3D, and in other sources like Youtube, in 2D. Already popular theatres across Chennai and Tamilnadu has confirmed they will be screening teaser in original 3D format on 13th itself. It could be joined along with Seemaraja movie which is also releasing on the same date.

The fans are eager as more new unveils about the movie every day leading to teaser release.