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2point0 fourth song could be this one?

Director Shankar during the recent interviews and in trailer launch has revealed there is a 4th song in the movie and it will not be released now and audience will see it only in the movie. During character revealing posters released from Lyca they also gave an hint about another Rajinikanth avatar is there and its a suspense apart from Vaseegaran, Chitti and 2.0. The fourth avatar or Rajini and the 4th song is a surprise for the fans to enjoy in theater.

We think the fourth song is something like the “Motta boss” intro song in Sivaji movie for the suspense Motta boss character which comes only in the climax. We think similar suspense character comes in 2point0 movie climax or somewhere close to it and that Rajini character will have this fourth song. There is a rumored dwarf robot character which is called as 3.0 and it could be also the one , but we will have to wait 8 more days.

Also if you see the 2point0 teaser there is a rap portion sung by Blazee, the fourth song could be extended rap portion of it sung by Blazee as well.

Watch Motta boss introduction song from Sivaji