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2point0 international promotions: How 2point0 is promoted internationally leading to its release

When 2point0 was launched in 2015 and shoot started in 2016 there were 2point0 themed balloons floated across Hollywood in California which is an old news. Now for the release which is up in 6 days various eye catchy promos are done for 2point0 which appeals for the international audience and is more than an Indian film. 

1.Billboards advertised in Australia as seen below

2. In Malaysia special ads on buses were shown as seen below. Very eye catchy for Malaysian Indians

3. 2point0 is confirmed it will release in Pakistan, probably first Tamil film to release in Pakistan.

4. 40 screens confirmed in Ireland (part of UK)

5. In Australia which has world’s largest screen 2point0 premiers on Nov 28th (29 Indian date)

6. Record 104 shows on day 1 and 400+ shows on 4 day weekend in UAE Vox cinemas

7. 300 plus centers and around 500 screens in US which is a mega release.

8. Japan fans are welcoming 2point0 with their favorite movie Muthu releasing on Nov. 23rd, one week before 2point0 release their celebrations start

We will update this post with more promo details as it unwraps in the coming days leading to November 29th