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2point0 movie budget and VFX spending break up

Just few days before the 2point0 movie teaser was released on September 13th, In the Canadian film festival, international entertainment magazine Variety called 2point0 as a “75 million dollar VFX wonder” since then every one India started talking that the movie’s VFX alone costed 75 million dollars. And there were complaints as well after teaser that it is not upto the hype and not looking like a 75 million dollar VFX, even many converted 75 million dollar to Indian rupees of nearly 540 crores (1 million dollar=7.2 crores) and complained that 540 million on VFX sending is not seen in the teaser output.

The real details on that is 75 million dollar is the total budget of the movie plus promotional costs, that include Audio launch held in Dubai, Trailer launch planned to be held in Chennai in grand way in November, weeks before release date November 29th and then marketing costs. Considering all this the actual making cost of the movie including the artists and technicians salary is nearly 60 Million dollar. Converting in Indian rupees will make it nearly 450 crore rupees. Rajnikanth and Akshay’s Salary itself will be around 20% plus of that number.

So actual VFX spending which is 30% of the making cost of 450 crores comes to nearly 150 crores

This is a rough number which is also confirmed by director Shankar in his interview with Rajeev Masand which makes sense.

Let us wait for more official news on 2 point 0 from its makers. The immediate release awaited from the team is the third song from the movie which can be expected anytime during October. This third song titled “Pulinangal” was not released during the audio launch held last year in Dubai.