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2point0 movie coverage in foreign media: How 2.0 movie attracted foreigners

Just before the teaser launch Variety, a popular US based magazine called 2point0 movie as a “75 Million dollar wonder” in its event in Paris.

After the teaser and posters released 2point0 received various response from foreign you tubers or Vloggers.

Once the trailer is released it received hugely positive response from US and other countries reviewers and Vloggers in Youtube, below is one popular US based reviewer Koricon Nala.


Recently with weeks ahead of its release it received positive coverage in Gizmodo a popular international website on tech, entertainment latest buzz etc.

2.0 trailer review in Gizmodo -https://io9.gizmodo.com/i-dont-know-what-i-just-watched-but-this-trailer-made-1830336059

You can see the article also received highly positive comments like the below saying trailer is better than Transformers 3 and 4. Lot of foreign movie fans are interested in watching 2.0 movie

With 2 weeks since its November 29 release we can expect lot of coverage from foreign media, particularly the US media

There is a news floating around that popular Hollywood production company bought 2point0 rights in the US and releasing the movie premier on Nov 28 along with Lyca and an Indian distributor (GK media)