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2Point0 Movie Review

The most anticipated movie in the cinema industry till date. The most expensive film that has ever been made with the budget of Rs.550 crs. The whole team has been working on this movie from the year 2016. Finally it has hit the silver screen. The whole was waiting for the movie to hit the screens. Because of its interesting star cast. The movie has Superstar Rajinikanth playing dual role, one as Vaseegaran and the other one is the popular Chitti. Akshay Kumar plays the villain. And Amy Jackson plays a very prominent role in the movie. The other stars include Sudhanshu pandey and Adil Hussain.

2 Point 0 was breaking records even before it was released. The movie starts with the cell phones disappearing from people’s hands while speaking and nobody has any clue of what is going on. So in order to get a resolution to the problem, they approach Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth). And he says that he will have to bring back Chitti as he the only one who can sort this out. There are few sequence included from the first part Enthiran where Chitti is seen saving people from distress. Till the interval block the Villain (Akshay Kumar) is under cover. But the VFX extravaganza is something which will make your jaw drop. The sound effect is also out of the world, it meets the hype it created of 4D audio technology. Till the interval block movie goes on just like we are travelling in a magic world. Breathtaking 3d effects, VFX, music, BGM for that matter everything in regards to technology is spectacular. Just that Vaseegaran doesn’t have much to do, has played a simple man. But Chitti (bad chitti) takes up the task.

The interval block is with Akshay kumar the villains face. The second part is amazing, actually speaking the last 45 minutes is spectacular. Shankar has done a job WELL DONE. The way they have narrated the flash back of the villain and why he is taken the bird avatar is truly great. As Chitti the good robot couldn’t handle the bad boy, the entry scene of the Bad Chitti is stunning. And the way the movie takes on after that is super good. The final action sequence between the big birdie and bad chitti is something that anybody should miss. Please watch the movie in theatre’s to experience the movie. Bad chitti has breathed life in the movie.The movie is definitely sure to keep you glued to the seats.

3D effects
Last 45  Minutes

A little slow in the first half

Final Line : Chitti is truly reloaded, Superstar proves that he is a superstar again!!! The most wanted movie for Rajini fans since Enthiran.


Rating : 4.25/5