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2point0 – North India advance booking status

2point0 in North India most theaters opened advance bookings in 3D today 27/11 12 PM via BookMyShow. Yesterday 26/11 evening only 2D versions were opened for booking. Bookings opened even in tier two cities like Pune, Chandigarh, Agra..Only remaining is the big multiplex chains PVR, INOX which are expected to open tonight and run a 24 hour marathon booking using their social media promotion strategy by teaming with payment partners like Amazon pay, Paytm etc.

For North Indian Hindi version, 24 hour window is enough with good expectation. We also heard lot of north Indians watch movies by getting tickets in counters only be in single screen or in a multiplex. They dont do much of advance booking in mobile like south Indians in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore do.

Since for 2point0, there is huge release in North India there is no pressure for advance booking. This is just normal, even for the highest expectations/hype movie.. for sure you will get tickets 100%, if its not in multiplex you will get in single screens. Only craze for some high quality landmark theaters like Geity Galaxy in Mumbai etc. 2point0 is sold out in Gaiety Galaxy theater in Mumbai

In South India the screens are less and also the movie inflow is high compared to north India and the star craze is also another reason for high advance booking in South India.

In North India there is no early morning fan shows like they do in Chennai and Hyderabad and no fan craze. After noon and matinee shows which complete by 6 PM, if word of mouth is good, evening and night shows will pick up and it continues to day 2. same applies to movies with bad WOM evening and night shows turn empty.

With the current situation 2point0 is starting its ride in the Hindi version and tomorrow, 27th it will make its fullest pre release moves.