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5 characters in Tamil cinema only Kamal Hassan could do

Wishing our Ulaganayagan and the one and only Kamal Hassan, the pride of Tamil cinema a very happy birthday today!

Here are some characters only Kamal Hassan could do and we could not think of any other actor in Indian cinema.

1. Nayagan:
There can be hundreds of god father and don films but they can never be a Nayagan. Even Kamal hassan and Manirathan combo again would not be able to make the magic again.

2. Aboorva Sagodharargal:
Appu is only possible because of Kamal, its still a magic even in the digital era of 2018, how in 1989 (30 years ago) Kamal was able to think, research and create and perform this role not. Also not for a portion but for the whole film.

3. Michael Madhana kama rajan
It is not common for heroes to perform multiple characters in a film mostly double action or rarely triple action. But Michael Madhana kama rajan is an exception where we never find Kamal in the movie and all four characters are neatly created and performed to perfection that even Kamal’s ten avatar movie Dasavataram did not satisfy us like Michael Madhana kama rajan did. It will be one of all time Tamil comedy classics

4. Aalavandhan:
Though the film did not do well with box office as its an attempted classic, the Nandhu character is something that only Kamal can perform and we could not think of any other actor who can closely relate to Nandhu character.

5. Anbe sivam:
Kamal fits neatly in the shoes of Sivam. We cannot think of an hero who can opt to perform the role of Sivam with stitched face, broken tooth, bug eyes, walking stick and with so much love


There are lots of other movies like Sigappu rojakkal, Hey ram, Kurudhippunal, Thevar magan, Raja parvai which Kamal hassan played it to perfection and which were all time classics, but we condensed this list to the top 5 movies based on the character adaption.