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Unna en than Paatheno – 6 Yrs of Kumki

A movie of at par excellence. Kumki means a trained elephant generally used to tame that wild elephant. The movie was released on 14th December 2012. The movie was directed by Prabhu Solomon, a great job done in the movie to be particular. Fans are celebrating 6 years of Kumki with #6YrsofKumki .

The story revolves around a Mahout of the kumki. This is the debut movie for both Vikram Prabhu and Lakshmi menon. The movie did extremely well. It also has Thambi Ramaiah and Ashwin Raja playing pivot roles. The movie revolves around Vikram prabhu and the elephant… the movie has showed the beautiful relationship between Komban and Manickam (Vikram prabhu and the elephant).

The way movie has shot takes our breath away. Elephant can be seen in almost each and every sequence in the movie. A lot of critics felt that the movie could have had a better climax but still it met the hype it created before release. Music was one of the biggest advantages of the movie, music was by D.Imman. The song are still chartbusters and among the best of the songs. Kumki won a lot awards and praises for different categories. Especially for debut actor and actress Lakshmi Menon’s character without makeup was something very different. Vikram prabhu had put in a lot of hard work and effort in preparing for the movie, his rapport with the elephant is extraordinary. Prabhu Solomon had mentioned that he would definitely make a sequel of the movie Kumki 2 but there is no news on it till date. Kollywood.net is with the fans in celebrating 6 years of Kumki.