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96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

There are lot of small little things in life that you know will for sure happen in your life, but still you want to personal experience that when it happens… 96 movie falls exactly under this category. Ram (vijay sethupathi) and Jaanu (Trisha) has take us with them all through the movie.

Off course not to be said in particular,but Ram and Jaanu have stolen the show…. to add to the feel BGM is put right in place….The way both of express their love is beautifully told not by word but emotions instead. And that keeps the viewers stuck to the seats though they know what is going to happen they love to travel with Ram and Jaanu till the end as they take them.

A major part is played by the younger Ram(Aaditya Bhhaskar) and young Jaanu (Gouri G Kishen) have a lot of zest to the whole story. The story is such that audience will start feeling that its something happening in their life and forget it’s a movie.

The line where both Vijay sethupathi and Trisha narrate their story of love will make you connect with the characters personally without your knowledge beautiful narration by both of them. With Govind Vasantha’s BGM adding all the glory it could to the subtle but wonderful narration….

Not to miss out on the beautiful landscapes and songs…Cinematography has to given a special applause… specially for the first song…

Vijay Sethupathi
Songs & BGM

Slow Flashback

Final Line : A Masterpiece for someone who is truly in LOVE

Rating : 3.75/5