KGF Chapter 2 Day 1 box office (estimates)

updated 9th April

KGF chapter 2 advance bookings are open in North India for the multiplex and complex centers, the single screens and second level theaters yet to open. It is expected to open fully by Sunday 10th April. Same day April 10th the bookings open in the home territory of Kannada and Telugu states (AP/TS). 

In Tamil nadu the bookings are majorly open due to tough competetion from Vijay's Beast movie.

As of now the Day 1 world wide box office GROSS for KGF chapter 2 looks like the below based on our early estimates.

Karnataka - 30cr

AP/TS - 75cr

Tamilnadu -15cr

Kerala -5cr

North India- 50cr

Overseas -15cr

Overall WW Day 1 GROSS expected to be in the range of 180-200cr range. 


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