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A movie where audience were tempted to kill the missed villain – Kasi

It has been 17 years that the movie ‘Kasi’ has been released. Vikram’s fans are celebrating this on twitter. Film was actually a remake of the Malayalam movie Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum. The movie was written and directed by Vinayan. Like expected Vikram had done a lot of hard work to look like a blind person in this movie. Vikram’s role was played by late actor Kalabhavan Mani in Malayalam.

Vikram, Kaveri, Kavya Madhavan, Manivannan, Rajeev & Vinu chakravarthy played prominent role in the movie. As most of us who watched the movie would know that this movie revolves around a blind young man (Kasi) who has a lot of responsibilities. The way the movie has been pictured is very simple and what every is shown in the movie gets directly to the heart. Most of them who watched the movie would definitely have left the theatre with tear rolling down their cheeks. And the music is by the maestro none other than Illayaraja and all the songs are outstanding.

It is said that Vikram had sunburnt himself to give the natural look, sitting on the terrace of his beach house in Chennai for hours. And he even suffered severe headaches while he was practising with his eyes for the character. Vikram has given his heart and soul to this character and it very clearly shows on the screen. No wonder audience would definitely get tempted to kill the left out villain if found. Movie has a very tragic end. Vikram bagged the Best actor award (Filmfare and Cinema Express). Kollywood.net is with the fans in the celebration.