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Action King Arjun to Play in Telugu Movie after 7 years

As we all know our Action king Arjun now switches to the character and villain roles. He thinks that he was well recognised in the Tamil movie called “Kadal” as the main villain. Hence now turns out to be a villain for the Telugu film featuring Nithiin in his succeeding along with Hanu Raghavapudi.

He is back after seven years to the Tollywood industry where he ruled as the stunning hero and has given numerous hits such as Mannemlo Monagadu’, ‘Gentleman’, ‘Oke Okkadu’, etc.

Now back with a bang, roped in director Hanu Raghavapudi’s new film where Nitin being hero and the main villain is Action King Arjun. Arjun till now maintain his physique as well as stay fit. Might be that is the reason he has chosen the main villain role in this film.


Arjun was at last seen at negative roles in Mani Rathnam’s ‘Kadali’ in addition to Ram starrer ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. The actor also shared that this role will be a new height at the roles he took till date. Arjun is is ais to play a stylish villain where the producers said that no one could depict this villian role superior than Arjun.

“I got many Kannada, Telugu and Tamil projects in the last two months but I didn’t take up any role. This script excited me as an actor and I took up the role immediately. This film shows me at the height of sophistication, intelligence and crookedness,” said Arjun in a press meet.

The opening ceremony of the movie was held at Hyderabad. At present the shooting for this movie has been started and progressing in Hyderabad.

The film is been produced by 14 Reels Entertainments and Mani Sharam to compose the music and currently executing tunes for the film. The heroine of the film is new debut named Megha Akash.


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