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Action Thursday: Super stunt by Super Subbarayan in Aan Pavam

The 1985 release Aan Pavam may still remembered as a comedy classic. But there was stunt sequence that ran for nearly four minutes which won the admiration of action-lovers then.

Though today action scenes have gone for a change-over, this stunt sequence in Aan Pavam is remembered for one-to-one fisticuffs between Pandian and Super Subbarayan, who choreographed the stunts himself.

As per the story, Pandian is forced to fight for a watch that would be taken away by Super Subbarayan. The pacy and interesting stunt scene was one of the highlight of the film. The background score of Ilayaraja adds more pep to the fighting sequence. When the likes of Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan made name for stunts those days, this action scene involving Pandian and Super Subbarayan was also much talked about.

Aan Paavam, directed by Pandiarajan became a blockbuster. Besides Pandiarajan, Pandian, the movie had Seetha, Revathy, V K Ramasamy, Janakaraj among others in the lead. The movie has camera by Ashok Kumar and editing by V Rajagopal.