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Ilayathalapathy Vijay Popularity in Kerala Goes to New Highs

Has we all know that Ilayathalapathy Vijay is very much popular over all the places in the world that too particularly if we take the state of Kerala there are huge fan following for him. Even now a day next to a state of Tamil, it is said that Kerala is recognised to be the second home for Vijay.

If we take the movies “Bhairava” and “Theri” both gave a blockbuster hit in the box office at Kerala as well as offered big pre-business in that state.

Making this as a note, the Malayalam actor Bineesh Bastin is who has appeared in Malayalam as well as Tamil films has acted in the film titled “Dum”. He has done a small cameo role in Theri movie as baddie

Dum is the story of goon named Xavier and his henchman Antony and the struggle they face to achieve their goals. In the film Dum, Bineesh is seen in a role where he is a die-hard fan of Ilayathalapathy Vijay.

In the movie, we could also notice many posters of Vijay film. It is really proud of the Tamil industry and for Vijay too, that being the other state industry they have shown case Vijay fame.

Even though being a separate industry using his film poster in the movie is really an inspiring one for Tamil industry. This conveys that the love and affection they have toward Vijay and in turn his talent plays a major role here.