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Actor Suri complaints against a producer and father of Vishnu Vishal on land issue

Tamil cinema Comedian Suri has lodged a complaint with comedian Anbuvelrajan and Ramesh Vishal, the father of Vishnu Vishal, alleging that he had defrauded them of Rs 2.70 crore by claiming to have bought the land. Vishnu Vishal has denied the allegation. They said it was enough to deduct the salary and give the rest of the money when registering the land. I believed this. I paid up to Rs 2.70 crore to buy the land. But I was disappointed.

They said not to say anything outside about this and said they would refund the money. From 2015 to 2017 I was patient. But after that I lost faith in them. I was disappointed to buy the off-road space through some false contract. I prayed every day that I would not be able to recover from this. I bought the place with a loan.

They have no intention of repaying the money. I get a call from them while I’m filming. After that I can never act. I lost all of my talent. I have been suffering for 5 years. I believed in God. No good results available. Now the court is the god to me. I have not betrayed anyone; Will be fine.

Though Vishnu Vishal as denied this complaint saying it was for publicity, since the matter is with the law now, we will have to wait and see how this turns out.