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Actor Vishal Leads Team Effort to Uproot Seemaikaruvelam Tree

Mesquite, the Seemaikaruvelam Tree has got a power of going deep into the ground and it will suck the groundwater. This tree is said to be the invasive species. When we take America they consider these trees to be the main hurdle for irrigation and they will immediately uproot them.

Even in the Kerala state, they are destroyed and the Government has already taken the vital steps to get through the growth of mesquite. Now, this type of initiative to uproot these shrubs kind of trees is said to be started here in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kothangudi is a tiny village located in Chidambaram. Karuvelam trees are extensive in this region. Cuddalore District Karuvelam Ozhipu Iyakkam has started an initiative to put an end to these trees. In this good cause, actor Vishal Reddy contributes his part and supports the public. Once removing the tree, it would be swapped by way of several other beneficial plant saplings. Even though the celebrity is very much busy with his shooting in the film called Thupparivalan yet he usually spends sometime in doing these social causes. He always takes Vishal participated in this program at 23rd February on 10 AM.