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After Indian 2 will it be Thevar Magan 2 ?

Sequel king Kamal haasan seems to be on track again after he has completed the TV show Big Boss 2. Kamal haasan has been the pioneer in making sequel. He started of long back with ‘Kalyana Raman’. It was already in talks that Indian 2 is in the making and Shankar was already in lookout for location for Indian 2.

Kamal haasan’s recent release Vishwaroopam 2 did just ok. But Kamal Haasan is said to planning to dig out his old movie’s for making of sequel. Sources say the after Indian 2 it is going to be Thevar Magan 2. And Kamal Haasan has had meeting with team to start work on the movie, So we can be expecting a lot part 2’s by Kamal Hasan.