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After Rajini & Kamal, who is Shankar planning on his next one???

Yes, after a tremendously successful  2 point 0, Director Shankar is planning on different sequel. 2 point 0 was a sequel of Enthiran both were successful. Immediately after 2 point 0 Shankar started working on his next project Indian 2 with Kamal Hasan. It has to be noted that this is again a sequel of the movie Indian.

Apart from these movies, sources say that he is also planning on a sequel of a different movie. And the movie is said to be Mudhalvan (1999) which was written, produced and directed by Shankar. If this is the movie he is planning on a sequel it is a good choice!!! Because after Indian, Mudhalvan was one of the best movie in Shankar’s crown. The movie’s screenplay was truly commendable and Arjun has nailed it in the movie. The question here is that will it be Arjun taking the lead role or if Shankar has somebody else in mind. Whatever the case might be, there is a rumour stating that Shankar has already started to work on this project personally and he has planned a script as well.

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