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Ajith Vivegam Movie Latest Updates – March 16

Thala Ajith’s 57th movie Vivegam also known as AK57 in short form is in its final leg of shooting and patch work. The technical team cast and crew recently traveled to Bulgaria where majority of the portions were canned. Ajith recently left to Bulgaria to complete the final portions.

The producers Sathyajothi films has already started the business for the movie, the expectations for this movie is sky high only next to Rajnikanth’s 2.0 and similarly its business also is expected to be the best during its release and best for Ajiths movie beating previous best Vedalam.

The movie title Vivegam follows the “V” sentiment for Ajith-Siva combination Veeram – Vedalam -Vivegam.

The release also expected to follow the 10th sentiment like Veeram and Vedalam, considering this we can expect Vivegam to release on August 10th (not August 15th)

But lets wait for official announcement in the coming weeks

Ajith was seen with airport staff members and also his fans yesterday before he left to Bulgaria for Vivegam