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Amala Paul Dedicates to her Dearly loved One

Since yesterday being the Women’s Day, the ever gorgeous talented actress took to her social page to share a very special dedication note on the Women’s Day to her ever loving mother.

Amala has shared that with how much courage her mother till date has succeeded in life in her own legs. He also said that her mother is the one you taught her how to fight with life and should never give up.

Apart from that she also shared the respect and kindness how much she has it on her and also assured that she would spread the same to everyone.

We would like to share the note that Amala Paul dedicated to her Mother on Women’s Day in Social Media Platform.

“This Women’s Day, I am dedicating it to a very special person in my life. Whether it’s her spontaneous decisions to take the driving license at the age of 52 or start her own entrepreneurial journey through a yoga studio at the age of 55, she has always strived to be independent, made her own rules. She has been my idol and will always be, for she has shown utmost strength in every walk of life, being the strong willed and high spirited person that she is!

As a selfless mother, loving wife, kind daughter and being sensitive to other souls more than anything, you have taught us to fight with life and never give up!

Mom…I love you and will always behold self-respect, courage, love and kindness onto you. I wouldn’t be anything if it was not for your goodness and I promise to spread it around always.”