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AR Rahman Delights Vijay 61 Team with his New Track

At the present Vijay 61 team is very busy with the third schedule shoot of Vijay 61 that is being done in the state of Rajasthan. It is been said that Atlee has planned to shoot one single song, and a one fight scene. Apart from this some talkies portion are scheduled to be recorded at this part of shooting.

It seems that both Nithya Menon as well as Vijay would be talking part in the shooting sequence.

Recently we have also revealed the character names of three Vijay in Vijay 61 with their love interest pair names too. However Atlee team has not made any official confirmation on it.

As we all know that Oscar Nayagan AR Rahman is scoring the music for this film. Now that the exciting part for team is AR Rahman has given for the Vijay 61 movie in which the team is very enlighten about the same. That song is created to be a sign of the rise of a hero. This makes much curious about that song right.

It is also to be noted that AR Rahman is creating music for the Vijay film after ten years, so Vijay fans as well as AR Rahman fans are excited about how the songs would be.