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AR Rahman launches the Audio of ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ By Omantra Films

Recently AR Rahman has launched the “LAKE OF FIRE” which was by the Omantra Films where Qutub-e-Kirpaa was also associated with that. The celebration was done on 4th March 2017, 4 pm on the campus of KM College of Music and Technology.

“Lake of Fire” is the Hollywood feature film that is been directed by Raj Thiruselvan and the music is been scored by Qutub-e-Kirpaa. The stunning and legendary music director AR Rahman being the chief guest of the function launched the album.

On that occasion the composers of Lake of Fire will also perform live after the audio launch.

Talking about the Omantra films is the inspired hybrid: a blend of vision, voices, perception and trust’s that synergistically feed each other.

The music composer Qutub-E-Kirpaa is a collaborative of student musicians of A. R. Rahman’s KM Music School of the arts. They have also been co-credited with A. R. Rahman for the background music scores of the film titled “O Kadhal Kanmani” and 24. At this instant, they have been working at 2017 Shankar’s high-budget venture which Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar 2.0