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Baahubali 2 Trailer Launch Event – Question and Answers

Baahulabi 2 trailer launch event help in Mumbai which was attended by the team of producers, director, heroes and Karan Johar, who takes care of the distribution of the Hindi version. Lead heroines of the movie Tamannah and Anushka Shetty was not there due to shooting conflicts as per Rajamouli

Following are the questions and answers that were asked and shared in the trailer launch event

About 2.0 satellite rights going for 110 crores and what Karan Johar thinks about if star power matters?
Karan Johar was stunned for few seconds and answers that star power really matters and in such a humongous film like 2.0

How much is the final budget and how much producers made in Baahubali first version?
It was answered by Rana , “they dont know yet” about what is the final budget
Producers answered the budget for both version is around 450 crores plus and they said they have not made any money in the first version.  They said they are expecting to make “a lot” of money in the second part “Baahubali the conclusion”
When the media person interrupted and said Karan johar has made money in first part, Karan responded that they are presenters who made money by referring to distributors and producers some time do not make money and use that to leverage the upcoming movies (in this case its the second version). At the same time Karan johar was proud that he made money in the first version like every other distributor in the country.

Question to hero Prabhas if he had broken his bone like the first version?
Prabhas replied this time in second version he has not faced any accident due to extreme care and planning from director Rajamouli

Reporter asked about the Tamil trailer leak, to Rajamouli
Rajamouli responded that it was not intentional and it is due to a glitch in Facebook setting private/public and he was happy anyways that the audience reaction was very well and finally it was “all is well”
Next question was for both Rajamouli and Karan Johar about recent incidents that troubled bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bansali during his latest film shoot Padmavati

Karan johar condemed the incident and shared his support director Sanjay leela bansali, which he has lended already. Rajamouli also shared his support to director Sanjay leela bansali

When the reporter asked about Why Baahubali is ending with 2 parts and not create few more parts, Rajamouli answered the story was required that way to end in 2 parts as a movie. But the world of Baahubali will continue in other forms like comics, Virtual Reality etc

Also a reported asked Rajamouli about some scenes looks like the same from Hollywood war themed movies, this caught Rajamouli in a bit of anger and he fastly replied that this is common in any war movie to have some shots similar because there cant be much shown in the war zone scenes

Finally in the trailer event SS Rajamouli and team presented the sword used by Kattappa in first version to kill Baahubali, to Karan johar who was very delighted by the move.

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