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Boomerang – Movie Review

Atharvaa has proved himself to be a versatile actor, who can do any role with ease. Bala’s Naachiyaar brought out the actor in him, Now he joins hands with Kannan for a second time after Ivan Thanthiran. This time with their next Boomerang, Kannan sets out to speak on lots of issues that affects our society. The utmost need to protect our agriculture, fight against corporate and the need to preserve villages are well highlighted.

Atharvaa plays dual role and as Sakthi and Siva he gives right expressions.
Megha Akash, Gopal, RJ Balaji, Upen Patel, Indhuja form part of the cast.
The movie is about face surgery done to Siva (Atharvaa). His face is swapped with that of Sakthi’s (Atharvaa). There begins all problems. He comes across attacks. And true troubles are revealed once he goes to Tiruchy with his friend Gopal (Sathish) and girlfriend (Megha Akash). Both
Indhuja and Megha Akash deliver their part well. Sathish does chip in well. RJ Balaji tickles your funny bone. Radhan has scored music. The screenplay is a letdown.

Atharvaa’s performance, Indhuja’s emotional scenes

Several loopholes in making
Lacks consistency

Final line: A movie that speaks about agriculture and interlinking of rivers

Stars: 3/5