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Box office report for Tamil New Year Releases

Tamil New Year Releases Box office report.

Three movies released yesterday all received good reports from audience and critics. Sivalinga, Kadamban and Power pandi released yesterday.


Chennai city gross for day 1 was around 0.29 C (29 lakhs). The movie received good reviews from both audience and critics and is a commercial come back from P Vasu after Chandramukhi. Movie had good opening in all the centers, and expected to do even better in the weekend


Chennai city gross for day 1 was around 0.17 C (17 lakhs) . The movie received average to above average talks and same in the box office as well. The movie could not get the desired screen counts it deserved, due to its release pressure

Power Pandi:

Chennai city gross for day 1 for Power pandi was around 0.15 C (15 lakhs). The movie got the best reviews from critics compared to other movies, but it could not get enough screens compared to Sivalinga. Also it has good openings in A centers, and average in B and C centers. The movie is expected to pick up very well and do lot better in next days leading to weekend with the highly positive talks.

Also the Hollywood movie Fast and Furious did very well during its release (from Thursday evening) and it did around 15 lakhs in Friday run in Chennai city alone.