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A movie which was the third collaboration of the popular duo Saran and Ajith. These two have joined hands earlier for Kadhal Mannan and Amarkkalam. Both of these movies were blockbuster hits. Attahasam was released in 2004 and it is 14 years that the movie has been released. Fans are celebrating this on Twitter with #14YrsOfMegaBBATTAKASAM . The movie has Ajith kumar, Pooja,Sujatha, Nizhalgal Ravi, Cochin hanifa and other prominent stars playing the lead role. 

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Wishing our Ulaganayagan and the one and only Kamal Hassan, the pride of Tamil cinema a very happy birthday today!

Here are some characters only Kamal Hassan could do and we could not think of any other actor in Indian cinema.

1. Nayagan:
There can be hundreds of god father and don films but they can never be a Nayagan. Even Kamal hassan and Manirathan combo again would not be able to make the magic again.

2. Aboorva Sagodharargal:
Appu is only possible because of Kamal, its still a magic even in the digital era of 2018, how in 1989 (30 years ago) Kamal was able to think, research and create and perform this role not. Also not for a portion but for the whole film.

3. Michael Madhana kama rajan
It is not common for heroes to perform multiple characters in a film mostly double action or rarely triple action. But Michael Madhana kama rajan is an exception where we never find Kamal in the movie and all four characters are neatly created and performed to perfection that even Kamal’s ten avatar movie Dasavataram did not satisfy us like Michael Madhana kama rajan did. It will be one of all time Tamil comedy classics

4. Aalavandhan:
Though the film did not do well with box office as its an attempted classic, the Nandhu character is something that only Kamal can perform and we could not think of any other actor who can closely relate to Nandhu character.

5. Anbe sivam:
Kamal fits neatly in the shoes of Sivam. We cannot think of an hero who can opt to perform the role of Sivam with stitched face, broken tooth, bug eyes, walking stick and with so much love


There are lots of other movies like Sigappu rojakkal, Hey ram, Kurudhippunal, Thevar magan, Raja parvai which Kamal hassan played it to perfection and which were all time classics, but we condensed this list to the top 5 movies based on the character adaption.

Dev Teaser Review

The teaser opens with Ice Cap Mountain and follows up with title’s. Karthi’s voice over is heard in the background stating that there are two ways to live life one settling in job with no satisfaction and the other one is a life with a lot of fun and adventure. The first half of the trailer has Karthi in a very corporate look in a office and walking behind his love. The second half starts afters he says ‘Innoru vazhi irruku’ then there is a lot of hi-funda motor bikes and Karthi is seen walking between the byke’s.

Next movement he is seen riding the bike through a hilly range. Followed by action sequence by Karthi. The movie is directed by Rajath Ravishankar and this is his first movie as director. It is said that the movie is love cum action subject. The music of the movie is scored by Harris Jayaraj. Movie is bankrolled by Prince pictures.The movie is shoot is Ukraine. Karthi and Rakul preet singh are playing the lead roles. The movie also has Prakash raj, Ramya Krishnan in the star cast, Ramya Krishna is looking stunning in a modern look.It has to noted that this the second time that they are coming together on screen. The first time was ‘Theeran Adhigaram Ondru’ and that movie did extremely well. Hope this magic works again for Karthi.

The movie which can be called a trend setter in tamil cinema was released this day in 2002. A movie with a extraordinary class. Though there are lot of movie which tried the same story line but couldn’t even touch the feel what Ramana gave to its audience. Vijayakanth’s performance was something stands apart from all his other movies till date. The story, screenplay and direction were handled by AR Murugadoss. This was the first movie where AR Murugadoss stepped into showing social issues in his movies. The earlier movie was Dheena which was a complete action subject and the immediate movie after it was Ramana. Nobody could have expected a script like this by AR Murugadoss at that point of time. If a count on best 100 movies with great screenplays are taken Ramana would definitely be one among them.

Vijayakanth plays a college lecturer in this movie, after he losses his small family with Simran as his wife for corruption he decides to act. He prepares a small force to fight against corruption and places all of them in almost all government office. And he tries and teaches the corrupt one a very good lesson. The hospital scene where a deadbody is taken to a private hospital for treatment still gives goosebumps for a person watching it. Later in the story a constable cracking this case down is handled very well. Ramana was a blockbuster hit. Ramana was awarded Tamilnadu state film award for Best film and AR Murugadoss won Tamilnadu state film award for Dialogue writer. This movie can also be told as Vijayakanth’s foundation to enter politics.

A blockbuster hit by ‘Thala’ in the year 2002, its almost more than 16 years now that the movie ‘Villain’ was released. Fans are celebrating this on twitter #16YrsOfMegaBBVillan . Ajith played dual role in this movie one being a mentally and physical challenged role and the other one who steals from the rich. Ajith played a bus conductor in this movie. It had two leading ladies Meena and Kiran playing the love interest . Though Meena’s love turns out to be one sided but doesn’t end in tragedy. The movie was released alongside two huge movies by two big heros.

‘Villian’ was released with ‘Bhagavathi’ from Vijay and ‘Ramana’ by Vijaykanth. But in spite of it the movie triumphed to be a block buster. Villain won good review for its screenplay and performance by Ajithkumar. Special mention has to given to Ajith’s performance in the movie, when he changes between two characters in seconds of time he is outstanding. The movie was directed by KS.Ravikumar and this the first movie that Ajith and KS.Ravikumar came together for a movie. Vidyasagar scored the music and almost all the songs topped the chart. Ajith won his second filmfare award for this movie and this was the movie of the year which grossed the highest. This was the first movie non-rajinikanth movie which grossed more than 30 crs then, because then only superstar Rajinikanth’s movie used to have this collection. Kollywood.net joins hand with fans in celebrating 16years of ‘Villian’

Devarattam Teaser Review

We have to say that Gautham karthik looks totally different from all his looks till now. With longer hair and a fit body. The movie looks like it has been shot in and around Madurai. The teaser opens with the Chariot fest ‘Kallazhagar’ getting into the river, with a lot of festivity around. The screen immediately switches to beat and blood. The movie is directed by Muthaiah of Komban fame, bankrolled by KE Gnanvel Raja of Studio green.

The movie looks like a proper village subject. As far as title goes Devarattam is a name of a dance form where dancers dance for the tunes of Urumi, but from the teaser it doesn’t look like Gautham karthik will play one of these dancers. But instead looks lot like a law aspiring student as he is seen wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The teaser is all about ‘adi – dhadi’ and punch dialogues like ‘Thapunu therinjha tappunu adikyanum’. The teaser definitely gives a hint that the movie will be an action packed subject. Hope Gautham karthik will be able to prove himself with this movie. The movie also has Manjima mohan and Soori in the main star cast. The music is by Nivas.k.prasanna.

KV Anand one man – two innings

A very popular name in south Indian cinema as director. But he started his career as a photo Journalist. He didn’t continue as a journalist for a long time, he jumped to cinematography in 1990’s. Even before starting his career as a journalist he had great interest in photography. He gained this interest from his college days when he went on trekking expeditions to the Himalayas. Looking at the beautiful scenery and remote location he automatically started developing interest in photography. He has won a lot of awards in photography competition help in college.

1st innings – With Camera

As mentioned he started as a photo journalist, though for a short time he gained popularity with his pictures being published for a lot of national publications. Some of them include India Today, Kalki, Aside etc., he was a freelance photographer and this gave him a lot of freedom to choose. As he developed interest in Cinematography he first approached PS.Sreeram to work as his assistant. He assisted PC.Sreeram in movies like Thevar Magan, Gopura Vasalile, Thiruda Thirudi and other movies. His first independent movie was ‘Thenmavin Kombath’ in Malayalam. And he won a national award for his debut movie. Anand started working in tamil movies with the movie ‘Kadhal Desam’ and later showed up with ‘Mudhalvan’. Both these movies won extremely good reviews for Anand. He has worked for different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. But his name got established really well only after the movie ‘Shivaji’ in 2007. His magnificent work was appreciated by one and all.

2nd innings – As Director

He turned to be a director in the year 2005 with the movie Kana Kandaen. The movie had Srikanth, Prithviraj and Gopika in the lead roles, movie did well at the box office and also got good reviews from the movie critics. It seems the he got the idea for his second movie ‘Ayan’ while he was waiting in the Airport for clearance in Singapore. So he made it a movie starring Surya and Tamannah. His 3rd project ‘Ko’ did extremely well in all the aspects, KV.Anand’s work was appreciated by one and all. The movie starred Jiiva, Karthika Nair and Ajmal Ameer in the main role. After which was the movie Maattrraan again with Surya, movie was about the story of conjoined twins, later he did movies like Anegan with dhanush and Kavan with Vijay sethupathi. KV.Anand is known for his titles for his movies, he makes sure that it will be crisp, short and mainly in Tamil. He being a cinematographer himself he always prefers to work with other’s handing them the camera. And a different one each time.

Kollywood.net wishes KV Anand a very happy birthday!!! Hoping for lot more great movies from him…

Thenali a movie with a pure sheen, a great movie by Padmashree Kamal hassan. We could say that Thenali was one of the kind movie in Kamal hassan career. Everything in the movie is great, a pure comedy subject for all genre of audience. Kamal hassan plays a role of Srilankan neurotic patient and creates all possible trouble to the doctor who is treating him. The chemistry between the doctor and the patient is taken extremely well. We can’t imagine anybody in the role of Patient (Kamal Hassan) or the Doctor (Jayaram) . Both have done 100% justice to their role in the movie. Devayani and Jyothika play the lady leads in the movie.

The movie takes on to the next level after Dr.Kailash (Jayaram) gets to know that Thenali (Kamal Hassan) and Janaki (Jyothika) likes each other. All his efforts to get them apart go in vein. The movie was released on 27th October 2000. That is today before 18 years. The movie looks like a remake of the English movie ‘What about Bob?’. The movie was directed by KS.Ravikumar and the music is scored by AR.Rahman. The BGM and songs in the movie did really good on charts.

Kamal Hassan speaks Srilankan tamil or Singalam in this movie, and job well done. No other actor in the Tamil cinema industry has spoken this language for this whole stretch. Some have tried but not as successful as Kamal Hassan. Crazy Mohan has done an extra ordinary job with his pen; it is seen all through the movie.

Thenali was the last movie which run for 175 days in theatre’s  hitting the silver jubilee. After which Kamal hassan has not had a movie with 175 days record. KS.Ravikumar directed this movie immediately after Padaiyappa with superstar. Both the movies turned out to be blockbuster hits.

For the 175 days celebration Superstar Rajinikanth was a special guest and was all praises about Kamal Hassan’s performance in the movie. It was a big surprise for superstar to attend the event but it was possible because KS Ravikumar a close friend of both the stars.

Even today its a trending topic by a lot of fans on twitter who are celebrating 18 years of Thenali.
We from Kollywood.Net join hands with lakhs of Kamal Hassan’s fan’s in celebrating  18 years of Thenali.

Amala paul who is in cloud 9 after the success of her latest Tamil film Raatchasan.

She is currently busy with 2 other Tamil projects. Adho andha paravai pola and Aadai (meaning dress in Tamil)

Adho andha paravai pola is a forest adventure based film where she plays the lead role and Aadai is an intense crime thriller which has some bold scenes which Amala paul accepted to do considering the impact of the story.

Today we wish the actress a very happy birthday from Kollywood.net