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Movie Review

Nerkonda paarvai is the second blockbuster from Thala Ajith in 2019 , his consecutive too. Movie winning positive reviews unanimously, not a big deal for a popular remake film but it has satisfied his hard core fans too which is a great deal for a movie is core social message. Ajith has created a new trend and is a breath of fresh air in 2019 for Kollywood [continue reading…]

Sandakozhi 2 Movie Review

The movie which has been awaited by Vishal’s fan’s is out. SandaKozhi 2 is directed by N.Linguswamy. And the movie is a sequel of SandaKozhi released in the year 2005. Sandai Kozhi had Vishal, Meera Jasmin and Rajkiran in the main cast. SandaKozhi 2 has Vishal, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Rajkiran. This is Vishal’s 25th movie. The music for the movie is scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Short wrap up of the movie

Balu (Vishal) and Durai Ayya(Raj Kiran) have set the main plot. They have a so called huge task of protecting a young man Anbu (Hari) from the bad people. The Bad Boy or should we say the bad girl is played by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Both Balu and Durai Ayya are pictured as very powerful character’s who are equally strong as a lion. It is their duty to protect Anbu from Pechi(Varalaxmi). The whole movie is in and around a temple Chariot fest (thiruvizha), and it happening after 7 years. Almost 7 village around are participating in the fest. The movie lacks the charm of the first part Sandakozhi.

As the place is crowded and Anbu’s life is in threat by Pechi, Balu has to keep a watch and protect. The revenge’s of killing Anbu the last one in the family start after somebody had killed pechi’s husband. Keerthy Suresh has done a neat job with cute expressions. The movie is all about protecting Anbu, you have watch the movie to check if Balu and Durai Ayya was able to complete the task successfully.


BGM & Camera
Action sequence


1st Half

Final Line : Sandaikozhi 2.. partially good..not as powerful enough as the first part

Rating : 2.25/5

Baahubali 2- The conclusion. An Impromptu Review by Anitha D

Ingredients – Handsome hunks, elderly damsels, talkative side kick, elephants, horses, Wild boars

Dosage – Super high Testosterone content. User caution recommended

Blink & Miss Conjuring act – Tamannah as Avantika

Romance Barometer – Tepid. No wonder Bhalla Deva preferred the kingdom over the damsel.

Action Barometer – Heavy duty, Bulging muscles, Skull shattering stuff!

Plot – Evil brother Hulk wants the throne & the gal. Goodie Bro Bahubali (BB) wants the brave Jhansi Rani wannabe. Scary mom plays arbitrator.

Kaipulla Hulk’s mind voice – But indha deal enakku puduchiruku. Anushka akka unaku. Bakery enaku.

Thus Hulk gets the monarchy & BB gets the maiden. Hulk intimidated by BB’s popularity plots to get him killed. Makes scary mom believe that BB is plotting a coup. Scary mom has a momentary brain fade like Aussie captain Smith & orders loyal watchdog Kattapa to kill BB without calling for DRS. K kills BB, learns about Hulk’s skullduggery, tattles to scary mom. Scary mom saves BB junior (BB2) from hubby & son dearest. End of FB. I swat away the mosquito dozing on my chair.

Post FB BB2 roars, shouts, screams, jumps, smashes heads, pummels soldiers. The body count mounts by the second. BB2 & his rag tag army launch an attack against the evil king. Apparently it’s easier to organize a revolt against a brutal dictator. Take a cue from 300.
Sculpted Abs waala Hero + 300 men > Evil King + Army.
Finally Evil King is cooked alive (Chennaites in May will sympathize with him) & BB2 ascends the throne.

War Games – Compared to Part 1 this is a big letdown. No brainy strategies, action set pieces, jaw dropping gory war visuals. BB2 just blunders ahead. Fists over finesse, Brawn over Brain.

Music – Snooze fest dragging down the pace.

Visual Effects – Impressive but gives a Dejavu feeling of “Been there, Seen it” feel thanks to the awesomeness of Baahubali Part 1.

Plot holes the size of the giant elephant from the opening scene –

1. Marriage proposals are apparently sent without mentioning the name of the groom. Not even a teensy tiny pigeon message from the groom. No footnotes or hand sketched portraits either.
2. Female Chanakya’s grey cells mysteriously disappear in Part 2 & she immediately believes the stories spun by her loser hubby & meathead son.
3. Jhansi Rani wannabe knows the palace intrigue & conspiracy against hubby dearest but still lugs her just born baby to the palace to get slaughtered willingly.
4. Rebels plotting coup for 25 years. Hero sashays in & overthrows the King in 25 hours 😀

Dilemma for the girls –Which team to root for. Team Rana or Team Prabhas 🙂

Deal clincher – Technically superior visual effects, sets. Prabhas, Rana. Historical backdrop.

Deal dampener – Long FB with less time for current story, Juvenile plan for coup, Boring Songs, Uninspiring action scenes

Verdict – Baahubali – the conclusion – Brave attempt in Indian cinema. But personally felt Part 1 was fresh, crisp & novel while part 2 doesn’t have anything new to showcase but still a visual wonder with grand presentation.