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Movie Review

Baahubali 2- The conclusion. An Impromptu Review by Anitha D

Ingredients – Handsome hunks, elderly damsels, talkative side kick, elephants, horses, Wild boars

Dosage – Super high Testosterone content. User caution recommended

Blink & Miss Conjuring act – Tamannah as Avantika

Romance Barometer – Tepid. No wonder Bhalla Deva preferred the kingdom over the damsel.

Action Barometer – Heavy duty, Bulging muscles, Skull shattering stuff!

Plot – Evil brother Hulk wants the throne & the gal. Goodie Bro Bahubali (BB) wants the brave Jhansi Rani wannabe. Scary mom plays arbitrator.

Kaipulla Hulk’s mind voice – But indha deal enakku puduchiruku. Anushka akka unaku. Bakery enaku.

Thus Hulk gets the monarchy & BB gets the maiden. Hulk intimidated by BB’s popularity plots to get him killed. Makes scary mom believe that BB is plotting a coup. Scary mom has a momentary brain fade like Aussie captain Smith & orders loyal watchdog Kattapa to kill BB without calling for DRS. K kills BB, learns about Hulk’s skullduggery, tattles to scary mom. Scary mom saves BB junior (BB2) from hubby & son dearest. End of FB. I swat away the mosquito dozing on my chair.

Post FB BB2 roars, shouts, screams, jumps, smashes heads, pummels soldiers. The body count mounts by the second. BB2 & his rag tag army launch an attack against the evil king. Apparently it’s easier to organize a revolt against a brutal dictator. Take a cue from 300.
Sculpted Abs waala Hero + 300 men > Evil King + Army.
Finally Evil King is cooked alive (Chennaites in May will sympathize with him) & BB2 ascends the throne.

War Games – Compared to Part 1 this is a big letdown. No brainy strategies, action set pieces, jaw dropping gory war visuals. BB2 just blunders ahead. Fists over finesse, Brawn over Brain.

Music – Snooze fest dragging down the pace.

Visual Effects – Impressive but gives a Dejavu feeling of “Been there, Seen it” feel thanks to the awesomeness of Baahubali Part 1.

Plot holes the size of the giant elephant from the opening scene –

1. Marriage proposals are apparently sent without mentioning the name of the groom. Not even a teensy tiny pigeon message from the groom. No footnotes or hand sketched portraits either.
2. Female Chanakya’s grey cells mysteriously disappear in Part 2 & she immediately believes the stories spun by her loser hubby & meathead son.
3. Jhansi Rani wannabe knows the palace intrigue & conspiracy against hubby dearest but still lugs her just born baby to the palace to get slaughtered willingly.
4. Rebels plotting coup for 25 years. Hero sashays in & overthrows the King in 25 hours 😀

Dilemma for the girls –Which team to root for. Team Rana or Team Prabhas 🙂

Deal clincher – Technically superior visual effects, sets. Prabhas, Rana. Historical backdrop.

Deal dampener – Long FB with less time for current story, Juvenile plan for coup, Boring Songs, Uninspiring action scenes

Verdict – Baahubali – the conclusion – Brave attempt in Indian cinema. But personally felt Part 1 was fresh, crisp & novel while part 2 doesn’t have anything new to showcase but still a visual wonder with grand presentation.