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Tamil Comedy

1. Goundamani as Traffic police. Goundamani as traffic police and Sendhil as auto driver in a movie starring Ramarajan and Kushbu

Goundamani uses his famous phrase “take the 25 rupees” pronounced as 25 robees. This is a rare Tamil movie comedy

2. Goundamani, Ramarajan and Sendhil in karakattakaran movie comedy. No description needed for this one of the most famous comedy movie of Tamil Cinema. Goundamani Sendhil Ramarajan trio rocks the whole movie

3. Sendhil is compared to Sivaji Ganesan in front of Goundamani in karakattakaran comedy. Goundamani get holds of Sendhil for his bribe

4. Enna petha rasa comedy. Goundamani as Ramarajan father and husband to Srividhya. Goundamani is also a theatre owner in the movie and in law to vinu chakravarthy.

5. Themaangu paatukaran – Goundamani and sendhil applies for grants for freedom fighters, from the officers for going to jail for a day

6. Villu paatukaran: Goundamani trying his hand in tantric



7. Themangu paatukaran : Goundamani teaches Ninnukori


8. Thangamana Rasa Movie : Goundamani and Sendhil In Police Station Comedy Scene arguing with the warden

9. Thangamana Rasa Movie : Goundamani Engagement acting as dumb to landlord to acquire his wealth and the girl

10. Sendhil saves the dying landlord by offering sweets, Goundamani acting as dumb fails in his attempt to kill the landlord and acquire his wealth