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Check Here For Kolanji Movie Release Date

Kolanji is the upcoming Tamil comedy flick that is written and directed by Dhanaram Saravanan. The film stars Samuthirakani, Sanghavi, Rajaji and Naina Sarwar in the lead roles. The film is produced by Naveen under the banners of White Shadows Productions. The music of the film is scored by Natarajan Sankaran.

Already the producer of the film Naveen has revealed the storyline. It seems that Kolanji is the name of a 13-year-old boy and the film is to revolve around him moreover it is also a really incident that happened. However, he also added that the film will not entirely touch the story about that little boy alone. The story also adds his parents and the love between his cousins.

The parent’s role is signed by Samuthirakani and Sanghavi. This would be really a great come back to Sangavi says the filmmakers.

Kolanji holds the whole elements of the entertainer movie such as romance, comedy and sentiment blend in actual ratio. Now the recent update of the film revealed from the team is, it has been official confirmed that the film would hit the theatres on next Month May 5th.

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