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Darbar trailer review – 5 places the trailer ROCKED

Darbar trailer has released and here is our review. Its quite honestly after Sivaji , superstar is seen in such an energetic and highly stylish shots. Enthiran and 2point0 are different league movies and hence not included in the regular styled moved of superstar. There are other good movies but the Darbar trailer coming at his 70th birthday truly reset the clock 15 years back. Yes 15 years… How few top actors look at 55 superstar looks better than that (just the looks and fitness) super star style and craze is never compared with any other hero.

Nothing needs to be said here, here are top 5 shots from the trailer which has fed the hungry super star fans.

Super star with uber cool suited get up showing his glass style.

Pardon us for the low quality images but this frame with Airpods destroys his haters… never seen the star in such a shot in his entire career.. Air pods are made for superstar for this frame.

That gethu walk with suit half open can only be done by superstar raising the intense of the scene.

This particular shot below looks like a multi-billionaire class in born

This frame and the glass used in this frame takes it to the next level.

In case you still not have watched Darbar trailer