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Deiva Thirumagal Fame Kishore Plays a Crucial Role – Vandi Movie

Actor Kishore, who rose to fame with his brilliant performance in ‘Devia Thirumagal’, will be seen in an important role in the upcoming film ‘Vandi’.

He plays one of five leading characters in the film along with Vidharth, Chandini, John Vijay and Sreeram.

Hasheer has produced the film under Rooby Films banner. The music department is handled by Suraj S Kurup.

Talking about Kishore role in the film, He plays the role of Rafiq, a guy who works at a thattu kadai (road side eatery). Kishore lives in a housing board complex with two other people.

The movie revolves around our simple life. How small instances change their life forms the crux of the film. It is titled Vandi because the hero of the movie is called Vandi.

Kishore also took a lot of effort to get his part right. He says, I stood along with the thattu kadai guys for several hours to understand the nature of their job and their daily life. I also wanted to make sure I got their body language right. Sixty-five per cent of the movie has been completed and we are planning complete the rest of the film by mid February.