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Dhanush won Vijay and Suriya in the Diwali race: 11 years of Polladhavan

Dhanush Vetrimaran is the only successful actor-director combo that has delivered three blockbusters in all their three associations. Latest one is Vadachennai, today they have another reason to relish their memory with completing 11 years of thier first association Polladhavan. Movie released on 8th Nov 2007 is the dark horse for the Diwali release which got released along with Vijay’s Alagiya Tamil magan and Suriya’s Vel. Completely unexpected Polladhavan stood out as the winner earning unanimous positive reviews form audience and critics. Both Vetrimaran and Dhanush were highly praised.

Poladhavan story revolves around a middle class youth and the sequences leading from losing his bike, the movie also introduced a huge talent to Kollywood in the name of Kishore who did several good roles after Polladhavan. The climax fight in Polladhavan got Dhanush popular and his nick name as South India’s Brucelee.

Initially Kajal agarwal was supposed to pair Dhanush and later Ramya also known at the time as ‘Kuhu’ Ramya paired

Polladhavan was also praised for scenes that revolves around Pudhupettai which was shot realistically. 

After Polladhavan, Aadukalam and now Vadachennai were all the same results ‘blockbuster’