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Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 movie review

A sequel by Santhanam, was not in news for long time. Today the movie has hit the screens all over Tamilnadu. The movie stars Santhanam, Shritha Sivadas and Motte Rajendran in pivot role. The movie is directed by Rambhala. Shabir has composed the music, though songs lag a little bit compared to background score.
The movie opens up picturing Santhanam (Viji) being a solid drunkard who is also an auto driver. People staying in the neighbourhood are facing too much of trouble. And just want him out of their neighbourhood. When Viji’s atrocities get out of limit one of his neighbour plans to jump into to action. The neighbour is played by TM Karthik. He plans a clean slot to trap Viji. There is an hospital where the lady lead Maya (Shritha) is a Physiotherapist. Whoever proposes their love to her is being haunted by a ghost, TM Karthik is very well aware of it. So he plans to encourage Viji to fall in love with Maya and later the movie takes a different twist all together.

Santhanam and Motte Rajendran have scored an 100% in the movie. The movie is a clean sweep by these two actors. Though movie has the same things which all horror movie have to scare the audience, it has still managed to hit it with its comedy. The one liner have taken the front seat in driving the movie to success. The counters by both Santhanam and Rajendran just fall in at the right place. The horror scenes in the second half seems a little dragging but still not that you will get bored off. If you are looking to watch a movie to have a good laugh and a little bit of horror this is it.

Santhanam and Rajendran performance

Predictable plot

Final line : Santhanam’s hide and seek game with the ghost has worked this time!!!!

Stars: 3/5