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Did Actress Jayasudha’s Husband Commit Suicide

As per the recent report, the ever popular actress and also politician Jayasudha’s husband Nitin Kapoor was supposedly found dead at his apartment in Mumbai yesterday (March 14th).

At the present time, it is said that there is no precise information with regards to the Nitin death; as well the media have drifted two contradictory reports. Certain of them claim that he has jumped from the residential apartment whereas some say that he was found death in the office itself. The initial report moreover said that he has committed suicide, however, we would have to wait and see if that is true.

“Kapoor was jobless for the last 18 years. His family resides in Hyderabad and he was staying in Mumbai at his sister’s house,” said DCP Ashok Dudhe, a police spokesperson.
It seems that he was under depression for the past one-and-a-half years as well as undergoing treatment at a private hospital ever since February, the DCP added.

But then again there is no suicide note was recuperated from the spot, Dudhe said, adding there was nothing suspicious in the incident.

Nitin Kapoor is the cousin brother of popular Bollywood actor Jitendra and at the year of 1985, he got married to actress Jayasudha. It is said that now Nitin is 58 years old. Also, he has produced the films such as Kalikalam and Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai.