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Director Shankar Denies the Rumour on Rajini in 2.0

There are heavy rumors that have been spread around about Super star Rajinikanth and Akshay kumar getup in 2.0. The rumors that are at present spread that Rajinikanth would be wearing five diverse getup while Akshay Kumar could be spotted in 12 avatars at this Shankar directorial touch.

On the other hand, the wonderful director, himself has made clear about these rumors by way of his official Twitter page. While a fan, questioned Shankar if Rajini and Akshay Kumar would be appeared in diverse get ups, he instantly denied the rumor are false. With a simple smile in his face along with a single word reply, “no” was the answered received from him.

He also added that the film will however have so many surprises to come for the audience. The team of 2.0 is aiming for a 2017 Diwali release.