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Edappadi K Palaniswamy is the opposition leader in the 2021 Tamilnadu government

Edappadi K Palaniswamy also known as EPS has been selected as the leader of opposition for the Tamilnadu’s government on behalf of ADMK MLAs and party members. There was whole lot of chaos in the ADMK camp from May 3 and the meeting held last Friday has been postponed to May 10 (yesterday) and finally as expected EPS has been selected the leader , again.

O Panner Selvam looks to be not much interested due to lesser support from party cadres and hence OPS has suggested the name of the former speaker Dhanabal. But majority of existing winning MLAs and ministers routed for EPS. His strong showing and success in Kongu belt may be another reason for EPS leading the party from the opposition.

Apparently since the ADMK MLA meeting has been conducted during the lockdown period, there is police case filed on former chief minister EPS and ADMK party MLAs, though they have claimed to have got permission from the police department to conduct the party meeting privately, during the lockdown.