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Enthiran vs Sivaji: Your Favorite Rajini movie directed by Shankar?

Superstar has associated with director Shankar in two movies before and their much awaited third movie 2point0 is releasing within 10 days. They first associated in 2007 with blockbuster Sivaji and second time in 2010 Enthiran. Lets see both the movies here. 

Sivaji: Released in 2007 has huge expectations because Shankar directing superstar for the first time. Produced by AVM in a grand manner the movie went to collect over 100 crores in the box office, It is the first movie to collect 100 crores in India but there is a confusion if Sivaji or Amir khan’s Hindi Ghajini which is the first to reach 100 crores.

One interesting info about this movie is it is the last movie in Tamil cinema that had silver jubilee celebrations (175 days) which was held in grand manner and presided over by Kalignar Karunanithi the then CM. We dont see any silver jubilee celebrations after that.

Sivaji expanded the box office of Tamil cinema throughout the world because it had the secret sauce of superstar and blockbuster director Shankar who both made Tamil cinema reach new heights.

Enthiran: The second movie did the same blockbuster result as the first one and this time at pan-India level in 2010. At the end of 2010 all north Indian media reported brand Rajinikanth is bigger than the Khans. As Enthiran collected over 300 crores in 2010 and the highest grosser in 2010 beating 3 idiots (Amir khan) and all Bollywood movies.

Enthiran also opened the flood gates for the Indian cinema to think big and make movies on such a large canvas and introduced lot of new technologies to Indian cinema adapted by the other directors in the upcoming years.

Our choice is Enthiran 🙂

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