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Exclusive Movie Review of Arun Vijay’s Kutram 23

The movie is brilliantly scripted and directed – and certainly proficiently acted out by especially Arun Vijay.

Arun Vijay and director Arivazhagan have given out a medical crime thriller film that is said to have many twists and turns. This makes the audience to edge-of-the-seat for every single scene.

This excellent thriller film is based on the novel that is written by famous crime writer Rajesh Kumar and has been modified fine to the screen by the director. Arun Vijay comes as a convincing cop, at the same time the addition good supporting cast enhances the far-fetched storyline believable within the commercial format.

The film opens his story at a church where women would be making her confession to the priest, and finally, they both get murdered. The women’s husband being an influential person who makes a complaint to the police Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay’s role), who is an honest IPS officer and the Assistant Commissioner, where he takes charge of this investigation.

Vetrimaran attempts to remove the knot that is behind the mystery and stumbles on the deadly gang in responsibility with a reputed city hospital doing IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) that forces three women comprising his own sister-in-law to “commit suicide”.

Vetri then soon realises that there is an organised gang behindhand the artificial insemination in addition to the following blackmail; he then finally efforts to get them to book.

Taking a commercial movie, Arivazhagan has risked dealing with a theme like artificial insemination, sperm banks, as well as the social issues and stigma linked to it.

Depending on several reports, Chennai holds the extreme number of upmarket fertility clinics at south India hidden in secrecy. The director has also carried out slightly how our culture looks down upon childless couples.

The film is been produced by Arun Vijay and Co-produced by Inder Kumar. Arun Vijay knowing as an action hero (interesting he has played a deadly villain in Yennai Arindhaal) and is very substantial with his powerful looks together in the terrific action scenes.

The highlight of the film is the action choreography of Stunt Silva that is realistic and fast. Mahima Nambiar is the hero’s love interest at the same time stands to be the key witness is perfect in her role.

The villain roles are aptly played by Arvind Akash and Vamsi Krishna. Vishal Chandrasekhar’s background score penetrates at the atmosphere together with Bhaskaran’s stylish camera.

Coming to the downside, the movie could have been trimmed a bit more. Coming to the climax, it is quite bit contrived particularly the way the villains and their motives are exposed with certain logic loopholes.

Kuttram 23 has a convincing story and is packed in the best amusing format by Arivazhagan. It remains to be one among the better movies that came out in the recent times.

Movie Rating – 4 /5