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Exploring Ajith Kumar Vidamuyarchi’s Film

Vidamuyarchi Ajith

The main cast of Ajith Vidamuyarchi’s highly anticipated comeback is a star-studded ensemble featuring the likes of Ajith, Trisha Krishnan, Sanjay Dutt, Arjun, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Regina Cassandra and Arun Vijay. The movie, written and directed by the talented Magizh Thirumeni, promises a gripping narrative. The story revolves around a married couple who embark on a trip, only for the wife to mysteriously disappear. As the husband sets out on a quest to find her, he encounters a series of villains who stand in his way.

The wait is almost over! Vidamuyarchi is set to make its grand debut in theatres worldwide on 1 November 2024. The movie’s appeal is further enhanced by the soul-stirring music composed by the talented Anirudh Ravichandar. Produced by the renowned Lyca Productions, the film was shot in the picturesque locales of Azerbaijan, with Ajith showcasing his racing skills. Sonymusic India snapped up the music rights, while the satellite rights are owned by SunTv networks and the digital streaming rights by Netflix. The movie’s streaming rights were reportedly sold for a staggering 100 crores, a testament to the high expectations for its success.

The recent release of a thrilling stunt scene by Lyca Productions has left the audience in awe and anticipation. The scene features Ajith and Arav in the front seat of a racing car, hurtling down the road. As the car speeds, Ajith’s calm voice utters, ‘Take it easy,’ and the vehicle careens off the road, flipping upside down. This heart-stopping scene, performed himself, showcases his fearless and daring side, setting the stage for the action-packed Vidamuyarchi. The buzz among netizens about this thrilling stunt is palpable, raising the bar of expectations for the movie.

The movie has yielded around 250 crores in total business, including streaming rights, which is said to be more than the budget used for the movie. In most of the scenes, Ajith is seen with a salt-and-pepper look. The team has yet to release the first-look teaser.